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to Create Your Thrive Opt-in Funnel!

Why This Course is So Great...


Everything you need to create your opt-in funnel in one place (ever created an opt-in page only to realize you forgot a few steps? Email sequence, form, lead box....). Look no further!


There are 5 videos to walk you through every step of creating your Thrive Opt-in funnel. Read the PDF first and use the checklist as your guide when watching the videos (so you don't miss an important step).


The page templates I've included are the same page templates I used for an opt-in funnel that gave me my highest conversions EVER! The opt-in page converted at 29%!


No more guessing as to what type of emails you should create with your opt-in funnel. This simple bonding sequence will get you up and running with your opt-in funnel in no time flat!

What you Get with this Course

5 Training Videos

PDF Workbook

3 Page Templates

Three-part Email Sequence

BONUS!!! Giveaway Page

Thrive Optin Funnel
These 11 ITEMS 
will will help you GET THE
that you want! 

What you Get with this Course

Thrive Funnel Overview

Duration: 4m 51s 

The overview will show you what the course will cover & how you should go through the training.

Your Auto Responder

Duration: 17m 23s 

This video shows you what you need to create in your auto responder to set-up your funnel.

Thrive Lead Box

Duration: 8m 45s 

This video shows you how to create your Thrive Lead Box to connect to your opt-in page.

Your Opt-in Page

Duration: 11m 15s 

This video shows you how to create your opt-in page and what should be included.

Thank You Page

Duration: 19m 45s

Last is creating your Thank You Page (and confirmation page). Included is a redirect script (and where to put it).

Thrive Opt-in Funnel
PDF Workbook

Go through the workbook first (there's a checklist included) before you start diving into the videos. This will show you exactly what you're going to need to create for your Thrive Opt-in funnel.

Email Sequence

No more guessing about what type of email you should send as your follow up sequence! This swipe file gives you everything you need to create your initial follow up sequence.

Your Opt-in Page

Yep! You get the exact template I used for this opt-in funnel (this landing page converted at a WHOPPING 29%!).

Whether you're sending paid traffic to this page or not, this page CONVERTS!

Don't let the simplicity fool you.... 

Your Confirmation Page (Interstitial page)

This is the first page your new subscriber sees after they opt-in... and I show you how to add a redirect script to the page so you can put a follow up offer on the Thank You page (or bonus video, download or whatever you want).

All I can say is I wish I did this sooner!

Confirmation & Thank You Page

This is where the magic can start happening! Put a video, offer or bonus for your new subscriber on this page.
Remember... this is when your new subscriber is MOST engaged with you.

When you're providing value & solving a problem, give them more of what they already asked for!

GIveAway template
BONUS!!! Giveaway Page Template

If you've EVER thought of doing a GiveAway, then this page is for you! 
A Give Away is the perfect way to get a ton of new subscribers who are actively interested in what you're doing.

This campaign can make ALL the difference in the world when it comes to growing your list at at substantial rate!

Just install the template & change out the images & text!

About Kim Doyal, The WordPress Chick

I've been in the online space for over 10 years.  I love providing value and have done hundreds of training videos on how to use WordPress.  In fact, I've tried just about everything you can think of when it comes to plugins and tools to use with WordPress.  

There are a lot of varying opinions when it comes to landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages… whatever you want to call them. But if you’re using WordPress for a business there’s absolutely no question that you should have these pages in place and be driving traffic to them.  That's why I decided to bring your this course on Thrive Sales Funnels.  

Kim Doyal

Is This Course Right for You?

Not sure if the Thrive Opt-in Funnel course is right for you?


  • You have a current lead magnet and want more conversions
  • You're ready to start driving traffic to your landing page (it doesn't have to be paid traffic)
  • You're willing to take ACTION and implement this funnel!
  • You know that generating consistent leads is the key to growing and scaling ANY business!


  • You don't want to take the time & effort to create a valuable lead magnet for your subscribers
  • You tend to 'collect' things online (and don't implement)
  • You're afraid to email your subscribers or don't want to offend them by making offers
  • You think that 'growing your list' feels too hypey and you don't want to grow your business

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