Smart Podcast Player – WordPress Chick Podcast

While I don’t normally post ‘test’ posts, the reason for publishing this test post is a little different. It’s not just a test for me it’s a test for you as well as the creators of this plugin. This plugin was developed by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and his team. Pat has had […]

Show Me the Shortcode [VIDEO]


I’m going to start this post with a little disclaimer… I get that there are many purists out there who aren’t fans of shortcodes or plugins. They weigh the site down, you can do the same thing with code, blah, blah, blah. This post isn’t for you. Did that sound a little snarky? (That was […]

After Post Content – NEW plugin [VIDEO]

After Post Content WordPress Plugin

After Post Content is a plugin that does exactly what you think it might do… adds additional content to your post at the END of the post. BUT… with a little twist. You can customize the After Post Content box (as in style and what it looks like) and then add whatever content you want […]

Icon Fontastic – NEW WordPress Plugin [VIDEO]


So after playing with the Font Awesome icons last month I became a little obsessed with making this easier for people to use. I showed my biz partner, Steve O’Sullivan how friggin in love with icon fonts I was and in my crazy, obsessive WordPress way suggested we take it a step further by creating […]

Webinar Engine – My Secret Project

Webinar Engine

OMG! I am SO ridiculously excited about this! You’ll understand why in a minute when I give you a sneak peek into what Webinar Engine is and what I’ve been doing for the last month. You all know how much I love plugins… Love talking about them, teaching how to use them, playing with them… […]

[VIDEO] Don’t have Photoshop? No problem! WP Paint to the rescue

wordpress paint plugin

No more worries about image editing in WordPress! Yes, I know. They added some functionality to WordPress a few versions ago, and they’re great for basic editing, cropping, re-sizing, etc. But for more COOL options- this plugin will do the trick! I found this plugin, WP Paint,  on and while I DO have photoshop, […]

[VIDEO] Fun new Fancy Text Widget Plugin

Fancy Text Widget Plugin

So we all know what a geek I am when it comes to anything visual- graphics, icons, fonts, you name it. I found this little gem on one of my FAVORITE plugin resources- If you haven’t taken a look at CodeCanyon, you really need to (it’s truly a treasure! It’s created by the Envato […]

[VIDEO] This plugin makes me feel like a ROCKSTAR!

shortcode kid plugin

Shortcode Kid Plugin [retweet] [facebook] It’s official…I’m a geek! Yesterday was one of those days that I just was able to spend some time digging into whatever I wanted to online. I didn’t have anything in particular that I was looking for, I just wanted to leisurely look at what was happening with new plugins, […]

[VIDEO] Related Posts Plugin – I finally bit the bullet

Related Posts Plugin

It seems like lately many of posts are about finally getting around to doing something I should have been doing a while ago..or maybe it’s just that I’m just now writing a post about it? Who knows…either way, this is one of those things! In one of my recent posts I wrote about & created […]

Sidebar Ads plugin [VIDEO]

125x125 wp plugin

If you visit many blogs (especially those of people in the ‘blogging’ or ‘internet marketing’ niche) you’ve probably noticed the square banners in the sidebar (or possibly the footer). While you can copy and paste ads into your sidebar, this plugin will do the work for you! All you need to do is add the […]

Ez Twitter Links Plugin

twitter icon

Here’s another great plugin from Josh Jones at eight7teen – who, if you didn’t know is the guy who created the sexy bookmarks plugin that I love (I can’t help it, I’m a total geek when it comes to the visual stuff!). This plugin is called EZ Twitter Links. What it does is it allows […]

Sexy Bookmark Plugin…update


I ‘spoke’ (ok, it was email…) with Josh Jones, the creator of the Sexy Bookmark plugin a week or so ago and he gave me some updates as to what’s happening with the Sexy Bookmark plugin.  He told me he’s going to completely bypass the version 1.4 and go straight to version 2.0, which has […]

Hide a Page PLUGIN!


This is one of the reasons I LOVE WordPress! I had been searching for a plugin that would do this – without much luck. The plugin that I had found wasn’t compatible with 2.7, so I went back to the forums for StudioPress themes to see what I could find there- which is where I […]

Category and Page Order

I received a question on this recently so I thought I’d share my response (just in case you missed my reply to the comment! ). The absolute easiest way to change the order in which your pages or categories appear is to upload the plugin for both of these. Just go to your plugins menu […]

Update to SexyBookmarks Plugin

So that was quick, huh? I just uploaded this plugin a couple of days ago and he’s already updated it! Cool thing is that he sent me a dm through twitter to let me know (although it did show up in my plugins updates). So of course I though I would share it again here […]

SexyBookmarks plugin

So another one of the super cool things about twitter for me  is all of the fabulous links to new graphic sites, fun WordPress news and of course, WordPress plugins that get posted. And because I’m such a geek when it comes to graphics, I was totally excited when I found this site, which lead […]

Google Basics

The beauty of WordPress is that it is SUPER easy to make sure Google knows your site exists…and to make sure it keeps coming back and checking things out! There are a couple of basic plugins that make it simple to install Google Analytics and have your sitemap created and verified. You’ll need to make […]