WordPress Video Marketing….have you taken the plunge?

wordpress video marketingThis has become my latest obsession! I am having an absolute ball with video, optimizing it, creating it, etc! The trick with video is that it’s kind of like opening Pandora’s box….once you dive into it, all of the sudden you realize how deep of a plunge you’ve taken (not sure where all these water metaphor’s are coming from…..summer I guess!).

You start looking at one player or plugin, which leads to another tool/resource and before you know it half the day is gone! Kind of like reading a REALLY great book….one you can’t put down and before you know it it’s 1am in the morning (or in my case I’ve been floating in the pool for a couple hours and am now fried…only on the front! Someone needs to invent a raft to float on your stomach so you can read  comfortably!).

Here’s the deal though….you do NOT have to know what you’re doing to get started with video!!! That may sound lame..but really- how on earth do you expect to learn if you don’t start? My 9 year old son has been a perfect example for me. He’s a total Lego nut and watches Lego videos on YouTube ALL the time! So what does he do? He makes his OWN Lego videos! Showing people how to create things! And he doesn’t think twice about what people will think- he just DOES it! He even records video games on the television and puts them on his YouTube Channel! (he’s not the only one to do this…who knew?).

Take WordPress for example. How many WordPress video tutorials do you think are out on the web? …The answer? I have no idea! I’ve never bothered to look (not that I haven’t searched for things I need to learn…afterall- YouTube is the second largest search engine to Google! I just go straight there if I’m looking for a tutorial). I just started with things that I received questions about or had to figure out the hard way on my own. Some videos get WAY more views than others, but that’s ok. With each video I get new stats & insights (YouTube stats) as to what my readers want.

All that being said….I’ve put together a video and new report called ‘WordPress Video Marketing Exposed!‘ (it’s free btw). You can check out the video and report here. After you’ve read the report I’d REALLY appreciate any feedback or suggestions!

wordpress video marketing

Kim Doyal

Podcaster, Business Coach and WordPress fanatic. Full time online entrepreneur, information junkie and Mom. I live by the motto of "If it's not fun I'm not doing it".


  1. Dave Hamer says

    Hi Kim

    Thanks for producing your report – it's a great overview for newbies.

    When you're at the beginning and want to start making videos, it can be pretty daunting! As ever there are always hundreds of ways of getting something done. Sometimes you just need someone or something to point you in the right direction.

    I'm sure lots of people will find your report helpful.

    Best wishes – Dave

  2. says

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks so much! I know I was nervous about doing my first video…I think I probably had Camtasia for a couple months before I put a video up on my site! (not the smartest fiscal choice…:-) ). Getting started is really the biggest hurdle!
    Thanks again,

  3. Rick says

    Kim, Thank You for all your information you share…it is very detailed and helpful.

    I am in the process of building a few websites…they are under construction as we speak.

    Say… what do you use for a video converter platform for WordPress. I know it is good to have original content, even with video, on your website to create and maintain authority. I have looked into a couple and am now using WiQet.

    It is best to get the original video to your site before sending it out to the masses like YouTube and such for exposure.

    Any suggestions? And, it can’t cost anything…I’m still in the non-monitization stage. :-}


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