WordPress 2.9….all about media!

mediathumbSo WordPress put out a poll asking users what they want with the next upgrade- and the answers came back with a resounding “better media management!” They asked users a few questions- only one of which was mandatory. The mandatory question was “what single media feature would you choose to include in version 2.9?” The answer that came out on top with that question was a standalone editable photo album. Currently it’s per post only. The runner up to that answer was that people want easier options to embed video or third party media. While there are plugins that do this pretty easily (I use viper’s video quicktags- and I believe he’s going to be working with WordPress on adding this feature. Too cool.)- it would be nice to have this already built into WordPress.

The third and fourth place answers were basic image editing and post thumbnails. Basic image editing would allow you to crop, resize, edit your image right in WordPress. And of course the post thumbnails option would make it easier to embed a thumbnail image with a post (keep in mind if you use StudioPress themes this option is built in…yet another reason I love StudioPress! ).

I’m looking forward to seeing what ends up making it into 2.9.  Hopefully we’ll see these features this year. If you want to see the full results of the polls and get more info. on each of these potential features, check out the full post on the WordPress blog.

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  1. says

    What I’d like to see in this category (Media enhancements) is some sort of enhancement to enable the use of relative links. I haven’t thought this through already, but here’s the scenario I’d like to solve:

    1. I use a plug-in like Featured Content Gallery.
    2. I know that I can upload to another directory on my web server (and use the URL) but some of the stakeholders who publish content do not have this savvy. Therefore their process is:
    a) click the “gallery” option on a post
    b) upload media (but do NOT place it into the post itself)
    c) copy out the URL, which is a static URL such as http://mysite.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/myimage.jpg
    d) paste this URL into a custom field called “articleimg”

    So, this is all fine and dandy.. the link is valid, so the image is found and added to the featured content gallery.


    I decide that “mysite.com” isn’t a good enough domain name and I move over to “myawesomegreatsite.com”.

    Problem? Post content moves… it’s all in the MySQL database. Pages move for the same reason. But now my slider doesn’t work because it’s still looking for the image at “http://mysite.com/etc”.

    My only guess for why it’s not already using some sort of relative link scheme (or template_path-based scheme) is that gallery images usually also need to be RSS-friendly.

    That’s just a guess. Surely there’s a way they can do this!


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