[VIDEO] WordPress Custom Menus and Genesis Category options

WordPress Custom MenuI received a comment yesterday from a reader who was frustrated with the blog page template in one of the StudioPress themes. They wanted to have specific categories show on specific pages as opposed to having ALL the blog categories show up on one page with the blog page template (which is what I’ve done on this site for the StudioPress category of blog posts).

There are a couple of ways you can approach this solution- depending on what it is you want to accomplish overall. If you have multiple categories that you want to have show on only one page, then the easiest solution is to use the custom menu feature that was built into WordPress 3.0. There are also a couple of options within Genesis (  remember- Genesis is a theme framework, so if you’re using one of the StudioPress ‘classic’ themes, this won’t apply)   .

The first video is going to show you how to utilize the custom menu feature built in WordPress (this applies to ANY theme, not just StudioPress).

The second video shows you how to utilize the blog page template in Genesis, how to exclude categories from the blog page template and how to combine custom menus with Genesis.

Video 1- Custom Menus in WordPress

Video 2- Genesis Category Menu options

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  1. Brand Building says

    With the new upgrade of Genesis, almost everything goes to the custom menu now. You don’t have the option to “not include the pages” in the Genesis Theme options.


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