[VIDEO] WordPress 3.1 Linking.. WOO HOO!

wordpress 3.1 linkingThe latest update from WordPress brought with it a VERY long overdue and much anticipated feature… linking! If you’re somewhat new to WordPress, you might be thinking “hasn’t WordPress always had the ability for linking?” Well, yes, but in a very tedious manner.

I’m SO not an expert on linking, building links, finding links, etc., but I am very aware that building links- QUALITY links, is extremely important! If you’re somewhat new to link building- there are three different types of links you want. Don’t quote me on this, but the most important would be inbound links (and without being completely redundant or stating the obvious- let’s just state right off the back that we’re talking about QUALITY inbound links, k?). Then of course we have outbound links (were you link to another site) and finally, what is so fab about this latest update from WordPress- internal links!

So, what are internal links? (just play along here- I know this is another one of those “stating the obvious”…). Internal links are when you link your own content to other relevant content within your site! There are a few key things you want to consider when doing this- and of course you want to consider the anchor text when creating internal links.

Anchor text? What the bucket is that?

Well… in chick terms:
Anchor text is the word (or words) that you select to create the link (select to hyperlink) to another page, post, content, etc. (internally OR externally).
SO.. here’s an easy peasy example:

studiopress genesis link example


SO… let’s get down to this super fabulous new feature! The easiest way to share this/explain this is of course, through a video. :-) If you’re currently using a plugin like “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin” , “Microkids Related Posts” or Related Posts Thumbnails, you can still continue using those if you want- it really just depends on what you’re looking for visually. Even if you continue using one of the related posts plugins, you can still benefit from the new linking feature built into WordPress 3.1.

Take a look at this quick little video on using the new linking feature built into WordPress 3.1- and start using it TODAY! I’ve also included a few great resources for reading more about linking at the end of the post. But I have to warn you- you may just get sucked in to both of these sites for a while because there is a TON of great content (I subscribe to these sites feeds AND their newsletters!).




Here are a couple great resources if you want to learn more about Linking:

Traffic Generation Cafe



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