WordPress & StudioPress Video Tutorials

WordPress Video Tutorials to make WordPress easy for YOU! Plugins, themes, fun stuff and other shizzle! Need help with something? If you're stuck, it's more than likely someone else is too! Many of my video tutorials are created because someone asked for it! I can't promise I'll create them all, but I'll do my best. ;-)

WordPress Visual Editor Plugin – My Favorite New Tool [VIDEO]

WordPress-Visual-Content-Editor*quick note - the links in this post are affiliate links* I haven't been this excited about a plugin in a LONG time! WordPress Visual Editor Plugin I'm excited because this plugin (and the themes developed by Thrive) show that more attention is being paid to conversions and how your site works for your business as opposed to just the way your... [Read more...]

Show Me the Shortcode [VIDEO]

shortcodes-ultimateI'm going to start this post with a little disclaimer... I get that there are many purists out there who aren't fans of shortcodes or plugins. They weigh the site down, you can do the same thing with code, blah, blah, blah. This post isn't for you. Did that sound a little snarky? (That was for you Brent...) Yea, it kinda was. But... [Read more...]

Genesis for Podcasting – Yep! Perfect for Podcasters too! [VIDEO]

Genesis Theme PodcastingI'm sure it's no surprise to anyone when I say I am absolutely in LOVE with podcasting! And not just because I have my own podcast, but because I am a TOTAL information junkie! I have a handful of podcasts that I listen to (that I promised in the last show that I would share in an upcoming podcast, so you'll have to sit tight for that) and... [Read more...]

Font Icons – What they are and how to use them [VIDEO]

Font Awesome Pencil IconI have been reading posts and information about Font Icons quite a bit lately so naturally had to dig a little deeper into what they are and how to use them. I've downloaded and installed quite a few but was thrilled when I found someone had created a plugin to make the use of font icons MUCH easier! I'd love to tell you that all you need to do is... [Read more...]