[VIDEO] Reader Request- Changing the hyperlink colors in StudioPress Lifestyle

wordpress-chick-reader-requestSo I thought this would be a fun type of a post /category:

Introducing Reader Requests!

Fortunately, I get enough requests that I don’t think I’ll ever be lacking in subject matter. The bigger challenge will be in keeping up… but I’m NOT complaining! :-)

So this request (and something I need to fix) came from Corina Summerhawk.
The something I need to fix (which, another reader recently emailed me about too- so Thank You!) is that I have some videos that are just showing code where there should be a video.  This happened when I moved my site a couple times in the last 6 months (long story- but I’m happily back with HostGator on a new VPS hosting account!).
So, bear with me, but I’ll do a little site check up and will get all the videos back up! I’m ONLY using Easy Video Player with my Amazon S3 account and could not be HAPPIER! I LOVE Easy Video Player.
Getting off topic here…

Reader Request

O.k., so with this question from Corina- “How to change the link color/hyperlink color” in the StudioPress Lifestyle Child theme- I figured the best way to show you how to do this would be to… well, SHOW you how to do this!

Novel idea, huh?

Keep in mind that even though this video is about the newest version of Lifestyle by StudioPress (the child theme)- this will apply to most child themes and even previous, non-Genesis StudioPress themes.

What you want to look for is this specific element in your CSS (stylesheet…. don’t go all blurry eyed on me here- just because I mentioned CSS and stylesheet doesn’t mean you need to know code! You just need to be able to follow instructions!) and pay attention.

And, my last little disclaimer and request, is that you copy and paste your ORIGINAL stylesheet into notepad BEFORE you edit anything or make any changes! This is just a little precaution- it never hurts to be safe, right?





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