[VIDEO] Change your header in StudioPress Lifestyle theme

Studiopress lifestyle child themeI know it’s been a while since I’ve done a StudioPress video tutorial- part of that is because of my upcoming Genesis webinar series that I’ve been working on, but I received a request from a reader who was searching for this on my site so I decided why not? And I think the Lifestyle theme is still one of the more popular StudioPress themes (and this is using the StudioPress Lifestyle Child theme with the Genesis framework).

Before you watch the video- there are a few steps that I’ve already taken care of, but wanted to list them here so you don’t wonder how some of these things were done. ;-)

The first thing you want to make sure you do is change the option under Genesis theme settings to image logo as opposed to text.

The other thing I changed was the depth of the header. By default the Lifestyle header is set at 100px high, so I’ve gone in and changed the height to 200px. This is done by going under ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Editor’ and then editing the CSS. *NOTE* The Lifestyle child theme comes with more than one style sheet. You need to select the style sheet (under Genesis theme settings) and then make sure you’re editing the correct style sheet when you go into the editor. I’ve made changes before, then looked at the site and wondered why they weren’t there?! It’s because I was editing the wrong css! ;-) Live and learn.

I’m using my cpanel through hostgator to upload the file. You can of course use an ftp program- but most of the time I just use cpanel.
Here’s a few extra points that I call out in the video- just so you can reference them here as well:

  • I changed the header height to 200px. (default is 100px)
  • You can set the header height in the Genesis Theme settings or in the editor
  • I named my header image ‘header.png’ but you can also name it ‘header_blank.png’ (the header_blank.png is the default. Note that I changed it to header. png in the stylesheet as well)
  • make sure if you’re going to edit anything in the stylesheet to copy & paste it FIRST into notepad- in case you make a mistake then you can always put it back.

Kim Doyal

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  1. trogir says

    thank you very much for your tutorial!
    I’ve searched a lot for customising my header and found no information on studiopress!

  2. says

    Thank you so much for this! I was going round in circles trying to figure it out but your video enabled me to do what I wanted to do in just a few minutes! So glad I found you site. Great video! Thank you! ;-)

  3. says

    Ok, so here’s a totally weird question. I just downloaded LIfestyle and my genesis options don’t look like that… I don’t have any of that. What do I do??? Because I’m having a BITCH of a time getting my header uploaded.

    • Kim Doyal says

      Hi Ashley,
      Yea, that video is for the old Lifestyle theme.
      Go to ‘Appearance’ and then ‘header’. You should be able to upload your header directly through the dashboard.
      Hope that helps!

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