StudioPress… it again! New theme coming

Studiopress WordPress ThemesIf you’ve visited this site before- you know I’m a tad partial to StudioPress themes, so needless to say I was THRILLED to see the latest developments to come out of StudioPress…or should I say ‘coming out’ of Studiopress! :-)
The latest theme is called Genesis…but this isn’ t your everyday theme by ANY means!

To start with, this theme comes with 6 page layout options (it was originally 5, so I wouldn’t be surprised if  it ends up being more)!!! This is FANTASTIC! But it’s only the beginning…

Before I continue with the details about this theme…I have to say one of the reasons I’m SO partial to working with these themes is that the code is SO clean and easy to use (even for us non-developer types) and they literally have to be one of the NICEST groups of people I’ve ever bought anything from online! The support they provide in the forums (at no charge) is amazing……

But I digress…

Another super cool thing that is coming out of the development of the Genesis theme is the Genesis Theme Marketplace! This will be a place where developers can more or less ‘partner’ with Studiopress to develop Child themes for the Genesis theme….and SHARE in the revenues! WOW! Unfortunately, I’m not a theme developer (yet… :-) never say never!).

I won’t try to explain this in more detail here…it’s probably best if you read it from the horses mouth!

You can check out the details about the theme here

You can read more about the Genesis Theme Marketplace here

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