Skype, Oreo shakes & a little woowoo…birthplace of My Manifesto (part 1)

Here we go.

Oh for the love…
I’m sitting here with butterflies in my stomach (the kind you get when you’re excited & nervous at the same time) and less than steady hands. I thought about starting this last night, but knew I’d have more courage in the morning.
So here I am.

WordPress Chick ManifestoIt’s Sunday morning, I’ve finished my coffee (both cups), enjoyed the paper and am listening to Brene’ Brown’s new TED talk (just posted this month) called “Listening to shame” (I’ll embed the video at the end of the post. Take the time to watch it, it’s SO worth it!) for the 4th or 5th time.
Somehow it’s giving an me extra boost of strength to post this.

Clearly this isn’t going to be the type of post you’re used to reading on “The WordPress Chick”.

And that’s O.K.
I’m really doing this for me and trusting the pull that has brought me here.

I will tell you this is going to be LONG.

BUT... it’s hilarious and profound at the same time.

If this resonates with you- in ANY way- leave me a comment.
In the last year I’ve realized that sharing is more powerful than I ever imagined- and there’s a freedom & letting go that happens when we share.
Nuff’ said.

Here’s how this ALL came about.
It was one of THOSE days… You know what I’m talking about. One of those moments when you feel like crying (I did), curling up in a ball (I did) and punching someone in the face (I didn’t), all at the same time.

Fortunately a post by Ash Ambirge’ over at ‘The Middle Finger Project’ showed up with an audio clip (my friend Steve has now set this as my ringtone), which helped me move from angst to anger (not always the smart choice- but certainly makes it easier to finish working).
(Click the “Business is Bad” below to hear the clip)
Business is Bad

Then I inserted my foot in my mouth. I was SO fired up and pissed off about something that I got on my high horse, wrote the email and hit ‘send’.
I knew the second I did it that I should have saved it as a draft and revisited- THE NEXT DAY (so awesome that as I write this I’m NOW remembering you can ‘unsend’ a message with gmail).
Oh well.
The consequence came (nothing horrific) and then one of my favorite words popped into my head.

What followed is something that has been whispering to me for a couple of years now.
(this isn’t even the woowoo part… hang in there, it’s coming)


Yea, not really a whisper anymore.
It’s more like a shout and I can’t cover my ears anymore pretending I don’t hear it.

What you’re going to read below is a skype conversation I had with my good friend Steve O’Sullivan. Steve has an online business (he’s relaunching his site, so more on that later) and is also my cohort for the “WordPress Video Club” (coming SO soon!). He’s also stellar at pointing out what I’ve created and what I’m capable of (a virtual bow & hats off to you my friend!).

This conversation was later on in the evening on the same day I mentioned above.
Here’s my warning and disclaimer:

Warning: You’re probably going to get more of a glimpse into my personality than you ever have (or possibly wanted) as well as my sense of humor. There’s also language <swearing> that I don’t normally use on this site (I’ve yet to meet a plugin that makes me swear… close, but not yet).

Disclaimer: My ‘one of those’ days that I’m referring to came after I’d just about had it with a client, so it only makes sense to let ANY client I’ve EVER worked with know three things:

  1. If you think this is you, it’s not. I can pretty much bet the farm this client doesn’t read this site.
  2. Without you (my clients), I wouldn’t be where I am today- and I’m grateful for it all.
  3. It’s time for a change.

So, without further ado, here is the skype conversation that birthed My Manifesto (part 2).

[sws_divider_basic] [3/6/2012 7:48:26 PM] Kim: oi!

[3/6/2012 7:49:07 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: Oi?

[3/6/2012 7:49:38 PM] Kim: how YOU doin?

[3/6/2012 7:49:43 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: LMAO

[3/6/2012 7:49:55 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: good, how YOU doin?

[3/6/2012 7:50:09 PM] Kim: um…

[3/6/2012 7:50:15 PM] Kim: still hating that client.

[3/6/2012 7:50:16 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: what’s up in the house YO!

[3/6/2012 7:50:20 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: fuckers

[3/6/2012 7:50:25 PM] Kim: realize though that that is ALL I’ve been focusing on

[3/6/2012 7:51:00 PM] Kim: no wonder I keep attracting MORE clients

[3/6/2012 7:51:07 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: ya, welll

[3/6/2012 7:51:11 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: thats what happens

[3/6/2012 7:51:17 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: ugh!

[3/6/2012 7:51:19 PM] Kim: well what???? ;)

[3/6/2012 7:51:43 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: you get more of what you focus on

[3/6/2012 7:51:53 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: whether you want it or not

[3/6/2012 7:51:54 PM] Kim: totally!

[3/6/2012 7:51:58 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: sucks, huh

[3/6/2012 7:52:02 PM] Kim: clearly I was confused..

[3/6/2012 7:52:31 PM] Kim: yep, BUT… at least I’m catching myself sooner

[3/6/2012 7:52:50 PM] Kim: can you handle some woowoo?

[3/6/2012 7:52:58 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: always

[3/6/2012 7:53:00 PM] Kim: haha…

[3/6/2012 7:53:10 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: how bout some woohoo!

[3/6/2012 7:53:41 PM] Kim: I honestly feel like I’m SUPPOSED to do something kind of drastic…. I don’t mean crazy or anything, but SERIOUSLY put it out there that I’m NOT taking clients.

[3/6/2012 7:53:53 PM] Kim: kind of change things around on thewphick..

[3/6/2012 7:54:08 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: hick>

[3/6/2012 7:54:15 PM] Kim: so on the services page TOTALLY change it up. State that sites START at 2k….

[3/6/2012 7:54:23 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: 5k

[3/6/2012 7:54:27 PM] Kim: LOVE IT!

[3/6/2012 7:54:32 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: yeah!

[3/6/2012 7:55:08 PM] Kim: And I’m REALLY going to just lay it on the I work, etc. I think I need to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on what my business IS, not what I keep doing.

[3/6/2012 7:55:14 PM] Kim: which means….

[3/6/2012 7:55:21 PM] Kim: no more time on revamping proposals.

[3/6/2012 7:55:27 PM] Kim: i won’t need them

[3/6/2012 7:55:34 PM] Kim: No more phone calls with clients

[3/6/2012 7:55:39 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: totally!

[3/6/2012 7:55:58 PM] Kim: Create a publishing calendar for posts, products and PAID webinars

[3/6/2012 7:56:08 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: what? PAID?

[3/6/2012 7:56:15 PM] Kim: Have a CLEAR newsletter structure that goes out FUCKING WEEKLY

[3/6/2012 7:56:18 PM] Kim: hell yes

[3/6/2012 7:56:19 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: <sarcasm>

[3/6/2012 7:56:23 PM] Kim: I know.. ;)

[3/6/2012 7:56:34 PM] Kim: Set affiliate income goals

[3/6/2012 7:56:37 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: fucking weekly instead of fucking weakly

[3/6/2012 7:56:40 PM] Kim: start writing guest blog posts

[3/6/2012 7:56:46 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: what?

[3/6/2012 7:56:46 PM] Kim: amen!

[3/6/2012 7:56:57 PM] Kim: what do you mean, what?

[3/6/2012 7:57:00 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: and get more famous?

[3/6/2012 7:57:07 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: <sarcasm>

[3/6/2012 7:57:10 PM] Kim: FO SHIZZLE DAWG!

[3/6/2012 7:57:17 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: TLMFAO

[3/6/2012 7:57:23 PM] Kim: Start using my FUCKING VOICE

[3/6/2012 7:57:35 PM] Kim: Take a stand against the shit that I think is bullshit….

(removal of REALLY inappropriate content… trust me)

[3/6/2012 7:57:59 PM] Kim: i know, i know…tmi

[3/6/2012 7:57:59 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

[3/6/2012 7:58:00 PM] Kim: too bad

[3/6/2012 7:58:02 PM] Kim: YOU started it!

[3/6/2012 7:58:16 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: I know, you set me off!

[3/6/2012 7:58:25 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: its totally your fault

[3/6/2012 7:58:34 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: :P

[3/6/2012 7:58:41 PM] Kim: that’s good though… because at least we’re having fun right now!

[3/6/2012 7:58:46 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: fer sure

[3/6/2012 7:58:52 PM] Kim: ok.. back to my mini-manifesto….

[3/6/2012 7:58:59 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: yep

[3/6/2012 7:59:29 PM] Kim: Start publishing a KICK ASS PODCAST again AT LEAST twice a month with my famous-maker friend….

[3/6/2012 7:59:38 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: we could do that

[3/6/2012 7:59:53 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: shit, still have to edit and post that last one

[3/6/2012 7:59:54 PM] Kim: Launch the MOST phenomenal WP Video Training available on the Web TO DAT@

[3/6/2012 7:59:55 PM] Kim: date

[3/6/2012 8:00:07 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: I like DAT@

[3/6/2012 8:00:17 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: D@TA

[3/6/2012 8:00:23 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: D@T@

[3/6/2012 8:00:24 PM] Kim: Which we will BOTH earn at LEAST 5k a month from

[3/6/2012 8:00:37 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: works for me fo shizzle

[3/6/2012 8:00:47 PM] Kim: Have a FULL Shop on my site where people can buy killer products produced by yours truly

[3/6/2012 8:01:06 PM] Kim: Hit the road to some COOL conferences…. no smarmy marketing!

[3/6/2012 8:01:18 PM] Kim: Start producing this kick ass content on my new mac….

[3/6/2012 8:01:31 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: I like this new attitude

[3/6/2012 8:01:50 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: it’s the REAL Kim Doyal

[3/6/2012 8:02:05 PM] Kim: I’m not exactly sure where it came from….no.. that’s not ture

[3/6/2012 8:02:07 PM] Kim: I do know

[3/6/2012 8:02:12 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: contrast

[3/6/2012 8:02:19 PM] Kim: yep

[3/6/2012 8:02:46 PM] Kim: and CHOOSING to believe that we are SUPPOSED to do what makes us happy.

[3/6/2012 8:03:14 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: what a concept

[3/6/2012 8:03:17 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: 1

[3/6/2012 8:03:18 PM] Kim: I was reading the Wayne Dyer bk earlier and he refers to what James Twyman does in the Moses Code..I AM THAT I AM

[3/6/2012 8:03:38 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: good movie! did u wat ch it?

[3/6/2012 8:03:44 PM] Kim: It is when I TRUST that I am MOST happy.

[3/6/2012 8:03:51 PM] Kim: watched part of it. Need to finish it.

[3/6/2012 8:03:57 PM] Kim: I read the book though

[3/6/2012 8:04:00 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: cool

[3/6/2012 8:04:26 PM] Kim: i was working on my taxes stuff last night before my tax guy got here…know what I realized?

[3/6/2012 8:04:37 PM] Kim: I doubled my income from 2010 to 2011

[3/6/2012 8:04:43 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: SaWEEEEEEEEEET

[3/6/2012 8:05:16 PM] Kim: i haven’t added up my total expenses though

[3/6/2012 8:05:21 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: that’s the killer

[3/6/2012 8:05:24 PM] Kim: no.. not bad at all considering I didn

[3/6/2012 8:05:30 PM] Kim: didn’t have a clear direction or focus

[3/6/2012 8:05:37 PM] Kim: I FULLY INTEND TO DOUBLE MY INCOME this year

[3/6/2012 8:05:46 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: now that’s what I’m talkin about!

[3/6/2012 8:06:02 PM] Kim: I haven’t felt this fired up in a LONG time.

[3/6/2012 8:06:09 PM] Kim: feels good.

[3/6/2012 8:06:14 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: awesome

[3/6/2012 8:06:21 PM] Kim: because it’s not hype… it’s coming from a much deeper place.

[3/6/2012 8:06:43 PM] Kim: did you read Danielle LaPorte’s post on burning the boat? (did I send it to you?)

[3/6/2012 8:07:05 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: I subscribed, but I’m behind on my email

[3/6/2012 8:07:13 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: have 4000 i havent read

[3/6/2012 8:07:21 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: not kidding

[3/6/2012 8:07:23 PM] Kim: are you effing kidding.

[3/6/2012 8:07:23 PM] Kim: haha

[3/6/2012 8:07:27 PM] Kim: jeeze dude!

[3/6/2012 8:07:27 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: not kidding

[3/6/2012 8:07:40 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: I get a shitload of email

[3/6/2012 8:07:40 PM] Kim: have you heard that analogy of burning the boat?

[3/6/2012 8:07:43 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: yes

[3/6/2012 8:07:51 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: no going back

[3/6/2012 8:07:55 PM] Kim: yep.

[3/6/2012 8:08:03 PM] Kim: thinking I need to do that

[3/6/2012 8:08:40 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: that’s brave

[3/6/2012 8:08:52 PM] Kim: or stupid…

[3/6/2012 8:08:54 PM] Kim: no

[3/6/2012 8:08:57 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: LOL!

[3/6/2012 8:09:04 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: you crack meup

[3/6/2012 8:09:09 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: me up?

[3/6/2012 8:09:09 PM] Kim: somethhing keeps pulling me back to this

[3/6/2012 8:09:39 PM] Kim: have to copy & paste something I shared with Susan that was in Wayne Dyer’s book…

[3/6/2012 8:09:45 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: k, please

[3/6/2012 8:10:03 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: guess you like the book, eh?

[3/6/2012 8:10:15 PM] Kim: um..duh!

[3/6/2012 8:10:19 PM] Kim: I love Wayne!

[3/6/2012 8:10:20 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: hehehe

[3/6/2012 8:10:32 PM] Kim: I’m going to meet him again at some point before he leaves this planet… ;)

[3/6/2012 8:10:40 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: excellent

[3/6/2012 8:10:46 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: I’d love to meet him

[3/6/2012 8:10:47 PM] Kim: I shared this with her because she’s always told me I have a ‘spark’

[3/6/2012 8:10:56 PM] Kim: I actually did meet him in SF in 04

[3/6/2012 8:11:01 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: nice!

[3/6/2012 8:11:17 PM] Kim: told him his work was getting me through the losing my husband..

[3/6/2012 8:11:33 PM] Kim: he told me “you know he’s still here with you”…and gave me a big hug

[3/6/2012 8:11:40 PM] Kim:

“My objective in this chapter and the next is to inspire you to recognize that a spark- a tiny fragment of the creative source of the universe- is located within you, and to help you increase the power of that spark so it becomes the primary force in your everyday life. Review the first chapter and affirm your willingness to change your concept of yourself to help you recognize and increase that spark. Then dedicate yourself to exploring this higher self I’m writing about”.

[3/6/2012 8:11:41 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: sweet

[3/6/2012 8:12:05 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: excellent!

[3/6/2012 8:12:12 PM] Kim: it TOTALLY struck a nerve…

[3/6/2012 8:12:14 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: and BTW, you do have that spark

[3/6/2012 8:12:28 PM] Kim: because the other thing she keeps saying to me is “Just be willing to believe”….

[3/6/2012 8:12:32 PM] Kim: thanks..

[3/6/2012 8:12:32 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: You ARE The WordPress Hick

[3/6/2012 8:12:36 PM] Kim: hick?

[3/6/2012 8:12:42 PM] Kim: hahaha….

[3/6/2012 8:12:44 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: that’s what you wrote before

[3/6/2012 8:12:48 PM] Kim: where?

[3/6/2012 8:12:51 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: had to slide that in

[3/6/2012 8:12:54 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: for a laff

[3/6/2012 8:13:08 PM] Kim: probably would have had more effect if I knew I did it

[3/6/2012 8:13:11 PM] Kim: haha

[3/6/2012 8:13:27 PM] Kim: Cuz here’s the deal….

[3/6/2012 8:13:31 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: its way back in the thread

[3/6/2012 8:13:36 PM] Kim: “What If?”….

[3/6/2012 8:13:37 PM] Kim: right?

[3/6/2012 8:13:42 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: for sure

[3/6/2012 8:13:51 PM] Kim: WHAT IF we chose to believe in ourselves?

[3/6/2012 8:14:17 PM] Kim: WHAT IF we decided we ARE the same as “I AM THAT I AM”

[3/6/2012 8:14:34 PM] Kim: then there is nothing we cannot do.

[3/6/2012 8:14:53 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: I do believe it’s true

[3/6/2012 8:15:28 PM] Kim: If we pay attention, we get confirmations & signs from the Universe ALL the time

[3/6/2012 8:16:12 PM] Kim: being the total emotional ball that I have been lately, I almost sent this little poem to Susan that I found on Pinterest… then I have to share what she wrote when she replied to the Wayne Dyer excerpt

[3/6/2012 8:16:35 PM] Kim: dammit… on my desktop….

[3/6/2012 8:16:51 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: K, what isssssssss it?

[3/6/2012 8:16:54 PM] Kim: brb…

[3/6/2012 8:16:58 PM] Kim: i don’t know it by heart…

[3/6/2012 8:17:00 PM] Kim: i’ll be zippy

[3/6/2012 8:17:18 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: k

[3/6/2012 8:17:38 PM] Kim: ok- let me send it

[3/6/2012 8:17:45 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: k

[3/6/2012 8:17:50 PM] *** Kim sent 3237030952085573_wVvoZWnl_f.jpg ***
(Here was the quote/poem- it was an image)

I asked God for a flower, he gave me a bouquet
I asked God for a minute, he gave me a day
I asked God for true love, he gave me that too
I asked God for an angel and he gave me you

[3/6/2012 8:18:15 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: sweet

[3/6/2012 8:18:33 PM] Kim: totally, huh?

[3/6/2012 8:18:40 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: yes

[3/6/2012 8:18:50 PM] Kim: so this was her reply to that excerpt:

[3/6/2012 8:19:35 PM] Kim: “emoticons suck on my mac but I would be sending you a little angel with a big smile if I could”

[3/6/2012 8:19:59 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: hahaha

[3/6/2012 8:20:07 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: that’s nice

[3/6/2012 8:20:13 PM] Kim: I had bolded the spark & highlighted the ‘willingness to change your concept of yourself’ and she wrote this..

[3/6/2012 8:20:14 PM] Kim: I think you are on another dimension with this issue and your are getting ready to expand even more and so this is being highlighted in your life for you by the Universe!

[3/6/2012 8:20:49 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: ohhhhh

[3/6/2012 8:20:53 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: ooooh

[3/6/2012 8:21:02 PM] Kim: of course now I’ll have to send my sappy little pinterest quote to show her

[3/6/2012 8:21:23 PM] Kim: was that an “oooh….. aaaah…..ohhhhhh”

[3/6/2012 8:21:44 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: oooooh

[3/6/2012 8:21:54 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: not an ohhhh

[3/6/2012 8:21:59 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: fingers failing

[3/6/2012 8:22:01 PM] Kim: haha….

[3/6/2012 8:22:06 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: and brain too

[3/6/2012 8:22:07 PM] Kim: fekkin fingers

[3/6/2012 8:22:09 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: hwhwh

[3/6/2012 8:22:17 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: that was supposed to be hahaha

[3/6/2012 8:22:21 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: ONG!

[3/6/2012 8:22:26 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: OMG!!!

[3/6/2012 8:22:30 PM] Kim: I totally want a milkshake….but so don’t want to go get it

[3/6/2012 8:22:42 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: OMG, that sounds goooooooooood

[3/6/2012 8:22:55 PM] Kim: like that detour? yea… jack has a YUMMY Oreo shake…

[3/6/2012 8:22:55 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: that’s for delivery please

[3/6/2012 8:23:06 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: totally

[3/6/2012 8:23:23 PM] Kim: too friggin bad they put the DAMN CALORIES on the friggin menu at the drive thru! who’s damn idea was THAT?

[3/6/2012 8:23:43 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: LMAO some feckin dietician

[3/6/2012 8:23:58 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: dieticians out of my stomach!

[3/6/2012 8:24:11 PM] Kim: what the hell? Like we don’t know we’re poisoning our bodies with that shit already? you have to make us feel GUILTY about it?

[3/6/2012 8:24:23 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: MORE guilty

[3/6/2012 8:24:35 PM] Kim: were you here when I saw the pinterest quote about men & getting the milk for free?

[3/6/2012 8:24:43 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: nooooooooo

[3/6/2012 8:24:49 PM] Kim: you will love this…

[3/6/2012 8:24:58 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: gimme

[3/6/2012 8:25:00 PM] Kim: and I’m paraphrasing

[3/6/2012 8:25:45 PM] Kim: To all the men who think “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Many women are choosing to stay single as opposed to getting married because they realized: “Why buy the pig when all you get is a little sausage?”

[3/6/2012 8:26:06 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

[3/6/2012 8:26:13 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: that’s great!

[3/6/2012 8:26:21 PM] Kim: that’s what I thought! LOVED it!

[3/6/2012 8:26:37 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: funny!!

[3/6/2012 8:26:45 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: Oink oink

[3/6/2012 8:26:56 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: (bacon)

[3/6/2012 8:26:59 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: oh!

[3/6/2012 8:27:06 PM] Kim: i thought that was priceless!

[3/6/2012 8:27:08 PM] Kim: ooh..

[3/6/2012 8:27:13 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: (pig)

[3/6/2012 8:27:15 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: noooooooo

[3/6/2012 8:27:23 PM] Kim: think I should do a Jerry Maguire post and go all cookoo manifesto…

[3/6/2012 8:27:24 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: (oink)

[3/6/2012 8:27:29 PM] Kim: or whatever the hell he did…

[3/6/2012 8:27:40 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: Charlie Sheen?

[3/6/2012 8:27:56 PM] Kim: haha… nah, he just went postal.

[3/6/2012 8:27:57 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: hehehehe

[3/6/2012 8:28:12 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: totally fucking postal

[3/6/2012 8:28:59 PM] Kim: omg. i totally want an oreo shake now…

[3/6/2012 8:29:12 PM] Kim: guess I can blame some of this on hormones…

[3/6/2012 8:29:13 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: shut up!

[3/6/2012 8:29:22 PM] Kim: but not all of it…

[3/6/2012 8:29:27 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: how do you make a hormone?

[3/6/2012 8:29:28 PM] Kim: too much of a tugging

[3/6/2012 8:29:49 PM] Kim: is this a joke or a question?

[3/6/2012 8:29:52 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: joke

[3/6/2012 8:30:06 PM] Kim: good… because I don’t have an answer

[3/6/2012 8:30:07 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: don’t pay her


[3/6/2012 8:30:17 PM] Kim: i needed that…

[3/6/2012 8:30:24 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: sooooooooo bad!

[3/6/2012 8:30:54 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: all i can think about now is ice cream

[3/6/2012 8:30:59 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: butthead

[3/6/2012 8:31:05 PM] Kim: I KNOW! me too….

[3/6/2012 8:31:09 PM] Kim: dammit!

[3/6/2012 8:31:11 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: shit!

[3/6/2012 8:31:30 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: hey, are we meeting tomorrow?

[3/6/2012 8:31:35 PM] Kim: hell yes we are

[3/6/2012 8:31:48 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: K, I have you in my calendar, but don’t remember doing it

[3/6/2012 8:31:54 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: losing my mind, I think

[3/6/2012 8:32:04 PM] Kim: was going to see if my neighbor could do the pickup- could you come over around noon? I’ll have to pick Britt up around 3:30-4

[3/6/2012 8:32:24 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: already have a noon appt

[3/6/2012 8:32:26 PM] Kim: she’s taking a science test… she’s able to use notes if she takes it after school (before the rest of the class takes it)

[3/6/2012 8:32:30 PM] Kim: no prob

[3/6/2012 8:32:48 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: how did she swing that?

[3/6/2012 8:33:20 PM] Kim: think the teacher just offered it to the class. The smart ones acted on it

[3/6/2012 8:33:30 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: excellent

[3/6/2012 8:34:04 PM] Kim: totaly, huh?

[3/6/2012 8:34:14 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: yep[

[3/6/2012 8:34:18 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: a;oi’0pqa9u4t-q9cm 4

[3/6/2012 8:34:24 PM] Kim: Alex is JUST now leaving work

[3/6/2012 8:34:26 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: my fingers r gicvin out

[3/6/2012 8:34:31 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: no shit?

[3/6/2012 8:34:35 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: wth?

[3/6/2012 8:34:37 PM] Kim: till tomorrow?

[3/6/2012 8:34:45 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: yep,

[3/6/2012 8:34:49 PM] Kim: yea.. but he’s glad because he got a bunch done

[3/6/2012 8:34:50 PM] Kim: ok!

[3/6/2012 8:34:53 PM] Kim: thanks for listening

[3/6/2012 8:34:57 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: anytime!

[3/6/2012 8:35:02 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: you know that

[3/6/2012 8:35:16 PM] Kim: I do…thanks.

[3/6/2012 8:35:17 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: technically, thanks for readying

[3/6/2012 8:35:21 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: reading

[3/6/2012 8:35:23 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: hehehe

[3/6/2012 8:35:24 PM] Kim: zip it…

[3/6/2012 8:35:27 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: lOL

[3/6/2012 8:35:30 PM] Kim: or zipy typo

[3/6/2012 8:35:32 PM] Kim: you’re worse than me tonight

[3/6/2012 8:35:37 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: yer soooooooo funny

[3/6/2012 8:35:38 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: and fun

[3/6/2012 8:35:39 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: and y

[3/6/2012 8:35:43 PM] Kim: dito…

[3/6/2012 8:35:45 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: thanks

[3/6/2012 8:35:47 PM] Kim: we need our own dictionary

[3/6/2012 8:35:53 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: totally

[3/6/2012 8:35:57 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: new words and extra letters

[3/6/2012 8:36:15 PM] Kim: ANEB

[3/6/2012 8:36:17 PM] Kim: that was my AMEN

[3/6/2012 8:36:20 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: whf?

[3/6/2012 8:36:25 PM] Kim: and it was TOTALLY unintentional

[3/6/2012 8:36:30 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: hahahahaha

[3/6/2012 8:36:34 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: perfect

[3/6/2012 8:36:42 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: ř

[3/6/2012 8:36:49 PM] Steve O’Sullivan:

[3/6/2012 8:36:56 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: chinese food

[3/6/2012 8:37:13 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: k, see you tamale

[3/6/2012 8:37:23 PM] Kim: peace out!

[3/6/2012 8:37:25 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: (icecream)

[3/6/2012 8:37:32 PM] Kim: DAMN YOU

[3/6/2012 8:37:33 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: peaces out

[3/6/2012 8:37:42 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: thanks!

[3/6/2012 8:37:43 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: hehehehe

[3/6/2012 8:37:56 PM] Kim: |-)

[3/6/2012 8:38:02 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: sounds good

[3/6/2012 8:38:09 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: (^)

[3/6/2012 8:38:18 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: (pi)

[3/6/2012 8:38:20 PM] Kim: you poobutt….

[3/6/2012 8:38:25 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

[3/6/2012 8:38:31 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: true dat

[3/6/2012 8:38:39 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: (d)?

[3/6/2012 8:38:45 PM] Kim: we could go on for hours with juvenille names here…

[3/6/2012 8:38:55 PM] Kim: night night!

[3/6/2012 8:39:00 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: i need a nap first

[3/6/2012 8:39:06 PM] Steve O’Sullivan: ttfn


There you have it.
Typo’s and all. I wanted to keep it as in tact as possible… (hence the length of this post).

Ever been there?
Had a moment or time when you KNEW you had to make a change?

Let me know.. leave me a comment below!

And stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow… My Manifesto!

Here’s a couple other things I referenced and one I didn’t:

Quote by Erika Napoletano (she effing ROCKS! Her new book is on the way!):

[sws_grey_box box_size=”475″] “Love me or Hate me, but don’t be indifferent.” [/sws_grey_box]

Post by Danielle LaPorte (preordered her new book too!)
“What boat do you need to burn? A testimony to your future”

New TED Talk by Brene’ Brown: “Listening to shame”

Kim Doyal

Podcaster, Business Coach and WordPress fanatic. Full time online entrepreneur, information junkie and Mom. I live by the motto of "If it's not fun I'm not doing it".


  1. Eleanor says

    Where was I in this conversation! lol… Sometimes you just have to post! I call it my adult tantrum the crying curling up into the ball and stepping into the ring. Just like you I love my clients but last year I had one that reeked of shame and oh what I would have loved to of done to that man and his short penial disfunction syndrome. The nerve of him… Even though this post was for you, I know I can speak for others (and they can tell me off later) when I say this we have all been there.

    I love love the video you shared “Vulnerability is the birth place of Innovation, Creativity and Change!” Wow talk about a Bad A…. Action figure “Vulnerability Ted”

    Thanks Kim – for your Adult Tantrum, Because now all I know is that I must be on the right track cause Girl is feeling Vulnerable! Now I know it is ok because the Courage to be Innovative, Creative, and Change come to those who dare greatly …

    • Kim says

      Thanks Eleanor!
      Loved the penial disfunction comment! haha…
      Yea, we all have our adult tantrums- but I’ve decided that it’s actually the KIND thing to do for myself when I’m feeling that- curl up in bed, take a nap, let the tears flow, whatever!

      Brene’ Brown is awesome! The TED talk she did last year is worth watching too!

  2. says

    Wow. I feel like I know you SO much better now. And guess what? I LOVE YOU! (Not in the stalkerish way, don’t worry.) Can’t wait to read your manifesto. I’m interviewing Erika tomorrow about her new book (on BlogTalkRadio, so you can come and listen LIVE and also call in if you’re so moved): at 11 a.m. PST. We will definitely talk about being OUT there. Word!

    • Kim says

      Hey Tea!
      THANKS! This was definitely a ‘here goes nothing’ post, so getting feedback like you wrote is a complete confirmation!
      I am SOOOO listening to your interview with Erika! That woman kicks ass (I actually have my 15 yr. old daughter read some of her posts!).
      Can’t wait to listen in!
      WORD! (I totally say that.. that’s awesome!)

  3. suzy says

    kim!! this wasgreat! you took thoughts out of my brain – i habe absolutely had those moments and am in te process of buying and builiding my own business so this is always on my mind. i cannot waitmtomsee part 2 and also chat! love, suz

    • Kim says

      Thanks Suz!
      I can’t wait to chat with you to hear about your business!
      SOOO exciting!
      Yea… I decided that I just needed to PUT it out there with this one. Personally, whenever I see other people going through the crap that I’m going through (when you feel like you’re on an island)… it helps!

  4. says

    OMG – it is like you got in my head and spewed all the stuff I’ve been feeling lately.

    Why are we so scared to really step into who we are? I have been hearing a clear loud voice in my head for months (ok years if I am totally honest) that I should be teaching, stepping out there and sharing my knowledge in a bigger way with more people. But what do I do, I keep myself busy, busy, busy with one on one work so I don’t have to step out. And what does that lead to…

    Frustration – Anger – Resentment – I feel this for both with myself and my clients (don’t get me wrong, I love my clients, but when I start thinking about how “they” are taking me away from what I should be doing, I feel some anger and maybe a little resentment.)

    YES – totally unhealthy and really all my fault – nothing at all to do with my clients. It’s true what Steve says – what you focus on grows, whether it is what you really want or not.

    I just need to have the courage to burn the boat. And I know that your rant was a message from the Universe to get my ass in gear.

    Am I scared – Hell Yeah! But I know if you can do it, so can I.

    I’ll help you light your match if you help me light mine!!!

    Burn, baby burn!

    • Kim says

      Girl- I am SO all over it!
      I’m going to email you.. Accountability works wonders for me!

      It’s amazing what we do to ourselves, isn’t it? And when we choose to be conscious and pay attention we get very clear messages from the Universe! That happened to me MULTIPLE times in a span of less than a week… which is what finally spurred me to write this post! The manifesto is coming tomorrow. I’ve just been tweaking it a bit, because I also know that this is SO much bigger than a single moment that I want to be clear about where I’m going.

      Thanks SO much for the comment.. made my day. ;-)

  5. says

    Kim – I am looking forward to connecting and stepping out in a bigger way side by side! Can’t wait the see the manifesto! I am going to print it and put it on my whiteboard in my office. Also going to get a giant picture of a burning boat and put it there at well!

    Enjoy your Friday!

    Talk soon,

    • Kim says

      Thanks again Kim!
      I did a video of the Manifesto too! (ppt. & music)
      Will be up tomorrow! I felt nervous/excited the whole time I was doing it…which tells me it was EXACTLY what I needed to do!
      I’ll be printing it too… and I LOVE the idea of the picture of the burning boat!
      btw- emailed you yesterday (in case you didn’t get, let me know!)
      Have a great weekend.

  6. Kay says

    Blame it all on the solar flares! They cause emotional flare-ups!
    But I see your point.
    Ironically the opposite happened to me in October ’11. Was getting ready to launch a program, when suddenly web design popped into my head as my true calling. So I started a web design biz, but not too crazy about clients and one-on-one. Coach told me last week that I need to be OUT THERE, and be visible, not cooped up like a little chicken in my apartment.
    Still trying to figure out, how to be a web designer, and be out there at the same time.

    • Kim says

      Hi Kay,
      Thanks! Too bad this ‘emotional flare-up’ has been percolating for a couple years. ;-)
      Yea- we pretty much had opposite experiences! I never started my business with the intent to create websites, but it evolved the way it was supposed to. Had I not done that I wouldn’t know what I know (which has given me the platform to teach).
      And I get the being cooped up too… it feels good to get OUT THERE, even if it’s not a comfort level yet!
      Keep me posted.

  7. says

    Hi Kim,
    That Skype conversation was a breath of fresh air! And the damndest thing is that the parallels & patterns of the universe keep finding their way back to us, giving us the answers we need. It’s about time to pay it the attention it deserves if we want to live the life that we deserve. These teachers we share, Dyer, Brown, LaPorte, Bernstein,( and more! ) it’s not that their saying anything essentially new, its just that now, women like us, are ready to hear it and become huge ignitors for others to spark from.
    Now, I’ve got to read your Part 2…. j j

    • Kim says

      Thanks so much JJ! ;-)
      That post was long overdue. LOVE that you like the same teachers. You know the saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. I’m always floored at how I can listen to the same thing with some of these teachers and hear something new each time (especially with Dyer).
      My latest challenge is being conscious and NOT beating myself up when I’m in a snarkey mood ( or simply feel like being pissy!).

  8. says

    Wow! I feel like we’re living parallel lives. Seems like there are a few other readers in the same boat. Thanks for an excellent read. Now that the universe has smacked me upside the head I suppose I should take action. As soon as the house cleaners leave. (had to clean the house before they got here, now I’m tired)

    • Kim says

      Hi Valerie,
      Love that you clean the house for the house cleaners. Been there- done that too!
      Would love to hear what action you take…PLEASE share it when you do!
      Thanks again,

  9. says

    You made me laugh out loud: “Business is Bad”

    You made me cry: He told me “you know he’s still here with you”…and gave me a big hug.

    You made me understand: TED Talk by Brene’ Brown: “Listening to shame”

  10. says

    Kim, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your manifesto!. Fo’ shizzle!
    Thanks for being so generous, audacious, brilliant and bold.
    I’m thinking I need to do a manifesto too! You inspire, brave sistah!
    But about that oreo cookie milk shake (ahem) . . .
    : P

    • Kim says

      Hi Paul,
      Ok- I didn’t actually GET The oreo shake… (that night anyways! haha).
      Thanks… I hope you DO write a Manifesto! Especially with all the good you’re putting out into the world- it’s probably a little overdue!
      And your personality would drive that thing like no one’s business!
      And how can you NOT like ‘Fo Shizzle’, right? haha…
      hey- Why does Snoop Dog carry an umbrella?
      Fo DRIZZLE!

  11. Karen says

    LOL LOL LOL!!!! You totally rock, sister! I’m off to read/watch part 2 the manifesto! I admire how brave you are to share that with us and I just know that God lead me to you!!! You are what I have been asking the Universe for and so glad you still taking clients! Can’t wait to do business together!
    Karen ;-)

    • Kim says

      Hi Karen,
      Thanks girl! er… should I say ‘Chick’? ;-)
      Really looking forward to working with you & getting your new site rollin!


  1. […] aka the WordPress Chick for her very real and super inspirational manifesto posts.  Reading her Manifesto gave me the rest of the courage I needed to summon to really do […]

  2. […] aka the WordPress Chick for her very real and super inspirational manifesto posts.  Reading her Manifesto gave me the rest of the courage I needed to summon to really do […]

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