Interview with Keller Hawthorne [audio]

Keller Hawthorne InterviewFor those of you who weren’t able to listen in on the inteview I did with Keller Hawthorne of Fresh eVenture yesterday, the replay is here! This was SUCH a fun interview! I spoke with Keller a few weeks ago in preparation for interviewing her and knew right away how much people would not only enjoy hearing from her, but benefit from her experience, skills and tips (I know I did!).

One of the things that I really appreciated about what Keller had to share was what she’s gone through online to get to where she is today. While she had some early (and continued) success with Fresh eVenture, she certainly paid her dues in getting to where she is. I think a lot of people overlook the fact that an online business is just like any other business in that it takes time, consistency and some trial and error to achieve real, sustainable success…but I digress! :-)

Here’s the audio replay! Or feel free to download it too. There’s a TON of valuable information in this interview…I’d love to hear your thoughts after you listen. Enjoy!

(Just click the link and the download option will appear- the right click and ‘Save As’)

Keller Hawthorne Interview

Kim Doyal

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  1. says

    Hi Amy,
    Yes, Keller is a great motivator who leads by example. I remember the first time I visited her site quite clearly and was absolutely impressed by her knowledge , enthusiasm and the way in which she is totally open. Spent ages on the site learning all sorts of great new stuff – and continue to do so . The only “problem” is that a visit to fresheventure almost always leads me to add something to my “important things to do” list !

  2. says

    That was an hour of joy listening to this great interview! Thanks Kim for the idea and the good questions that gave us a chance to learn more about Keller, and thank you Keller for answering with useful information!

  3. Keller Hawthorne says

    Kim – this was such a great interview! I really appreciate the opportunity and love the questions you asked. Thanks so much!

  4. says

    It’s always a joy listening to Keller tell her story. I’ve learned so much from her website, and I would be struggling today with my blog if it were not for her. Great interview. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. says

    Hi Kim
    I am a first time commenter on your site.
    The interview was great with it\\\’s easily listening style. I, like you, enjoy the interview as back round music as I work on my blog.
    Thanks for the great ways to generate organic traffic. Free traffic is the only kind I can afford at this time.
    I\\\’m looking forward to more interviews with Keller or others in the future.
    Have a great week ahead.
    Your follower, Bill

    • Kim says

      Hi William,
      Thanks so much! I’ll definitely be doing more posts on organic traffic….it’s not only free, it’s the best kind of traffic.
      I appreciate the comment,

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