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widget-locationizer-pluginSo this plugin isn’t actually called ‘Hide a Widget’ – but that’s exactly what this plugin does, sort of. It basically allows you to decide which pages you want specific plugins to appear on- so if you want to set up a sales page without any widgets on it (other than maybe an opt-in box or a video)- then this plugin will do exactly that. It really works great with all StudioPress themes as well since the StudioPress themes come with a few different page templates built right in (ex: if you don’t want any of the widgets to display on a specific page – you might want to select the ‘full width’ page template under attributes when editing or creating the page).

After you’ve installed the plugin, which by the way is called Widget Locationizer, the options or settings for the widget will appear in EACH widget. I’ll do a few screenshots here to show you what it looks like. Keep in mind that when you go to edit the actual widget, you’ll need to know the page/post id or category/tag that you don’t want the widget to appear on.

Here’s what the plugin settings look like once it’s installed:widget locationizer screenshot

The last option that got cut off there is the Do Follow/No Follow option – just select what you want and make sure you save changes! That’s it! super easy and now you can decide where you want your widgets to show up! To download the plugin, just go to plugins in your dashboard, select ‘Add New’, then type Widget Locationizer in the top search box. Just click install & activate and you’re good to go.

Kim Doyal

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    • admin says

      You can always just search under plugins in your dashboard. Just go to Plugins, then select add new, then in the first search box type the name of the plugin you’re looking for. It will pull up a few different options.
      Here’s the link for the widget locationizer plugin:
      Once you’ve activated it, it will appear in each widget.

  1. says

    OK, I think I did something wrong. I used the page id # but the widget is showing on pages I didn’t want it to. And, since I hit “save” the plug in doesn’t show on the widgets I have “saved” it on. Not sure what I’ve done wrong but would love to figure out to to get the plug in to show again so I can try to fix it. Any advice? Thanks.

    • Kim says

      Hi Jody,
      Sorry for the belated response-
      Did you enter the page #’s you want it to show AND the page #’s you DON’T want it to show on?
      Just put in the page id’s that you want the widget to appear on, not both. That should correct it. Let me know if it doesn’t.

    • Kim says

      You’re welcome!
      Just visited your site…you’ve got some great tutorials on there too!
      I’ll definitely be back,
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. says

    Im happy to see this plugin. actually I am looking for this. I will download this and try in my blog

    thanks for posting and sharing.

    anyway im glad to meet the WordPress chick

    god bless,


    • Kim says

      Hi Robet,
      Thanks so much – glad you’re going to try this plugin out! It’s super easy to use.
      Have a great day,

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