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Thrive Content Builder – Landing Pages Update [VIDEO]

This post is long overdue, which means there is more than just landing pages to update you on with the Thrive Content Builder. But since in my last video I did a quick sneak peek of the landing pages that were coming in the next release and that release is out, I thought it was […]

Revolutionary Email Marketing – My New Obsession [VIDEO]

We’re going to start this post out with a quote (like how I have to tell you that as opposed to just putting the quote in?  ) You might be wondering what the quote above has to do Email Marketing. For me, it has everything to do with email marketing. I’ve always been a huge […]

WordPress Plugin or Web App?

I had originally titled this post “WordPress or Web App” then realized that it sounded like I was saying that a web app could take the place of WordPress, which isn’t what I’m referring to. What I’m talking about are web apps taking the place of WordPress Plugins. And so far… I’m digging it! It […]